Cybex Priam review 

Differences Cybex priam luxe and light stroller

Even me, who will always be part of the Bugaboo brigade, can not ignore the release of Cybex's new stroller. A comfortable, modernly designed stroller, priced in the range of Bugaboo in 2018. has ignited the Croatian market.

Priam comes in two versions, LIGHT and LUXE version. What exactly is the difference is going to be clarified in the text.

The first part of the purchase, choice of chassis and ... which wheels?

The chassis is one. For now you can choose it in two colors, chrome and black. Of course, if we exclude the possibility of ordering a Priam with a designer signature. Then you can get it even in a gold version.[/justify]

You can choose from three types of wheels. Let's shorten the story. Wheel options would be these on the photo. Photos tell you for which terrains are which wheels. Personally, all-terrain wheels look the best, and they are not so much bigger comparing to others..

The stroller can be combined up to three in one system. The Luxe version can be bought without bassinet as "one in one version" only with a sports seat. While the light version can be bought as a minimum 2u1 system because the seat and the basket come packed together in one box as one item.

The second part of the purchase, choice of stroller version, LUXE or LIGHT version?

The Luxe version is a bit more expensive option for those who may give a bit more attention to details than functionality. Concerning the particular appearance, the luxe version is a bit more sofisticated version, with leather detailing on the footrest, and a seat inlay in the sports seat that is also slightly more spacious than a light variant.

The main difference between the luxe and the light version would be that in the luxe version of the stroller, you will get a seat and seperatly a basket. While in the light seat version, a chassis part provided that used for the bassinet in the first six months, which is then "peeled of" from the chassis part, and on the same chassis part you must applie to the seat textiles attaching it with "yarns" and than you use in the next upcoming period.

The Luxe Seat Version of Cybex can be used from 0+ which would mean that you do not even have to have a bassinet, but you can use a sports seat at birth. That is not possible with the light version and it is declarative 6+ when it comes to a sports seat. In a complete lying position at the place where the child's but comes, there is a slight incursion so it is practically impossible to accommodate a newborn in it.

Another major difference is the number of "sleeping possitions" of the sport seat. While the light version has only three positions, luxe cam be fitted to any level as desired. Pictures and tables for better comparison and easier purchase in the text below.

Specific characteristics of both strollers:

- single-handed folding mehanism
- The seat can also be lowered with one hand
- The seat is at the table height, which is an excellent advantage for those who sometimes use it to feed the baby
- The sport seat can be rotated in two directions
- you can ride them on two wheels, which is suitable for staircases or worser terrains

LUXE version
LIGHT version

FoldingWith one hand with a seat - can "upright" when foldedWith one hand but the seat must be removed
Bassinet usagefrom birth to 9kg (approx. 6m.)from birth to 9kg (approx. 6m.)
Seat usagefrom birth to 17kg (about 4y.)from 6m to 17kg (about 4y.)
CanopyExtensible xxl canopy with UVP50 + protectionExtensible xxl canopy with UVP50 + protection
Footrestadjustablenot adjustable
Front bumper barpractical detachable handle made of leather material (not real leather)practical detachable handle made of leather material (not real leather)
Seat sleeping positionsmore different positions3 positions
Dimensions of the chassis with an open canopyL 890 / W 450 / H 630 mmL 890 / W 450 / H 630 mm
Dimension of the chassis with a closed canopyL 890 / W 450 / H 240 mmL 890 / W 450 / H 240 mm
Chassis weight4.8kg4.8kg
Dimensions of the seat with the chassisL 850 - 950 / W 575 / H 990 - 1085 mm, folded (including wheels): L 950 / W 575 / H 420 mmL 850 - 950 / W 575 / H 990 - 1085 mm, folded (including wheels): L 1220 / W 575 / H 390 mm
Weight of the chassis, with the bassinet and the seatWith Light wheels: 12.5 kg;
With Trekking wheels: 12.8 kg;
With All Terrain wheels: 13.2 kg
S Light wheels: 11.2 kg;
S Trekking wheels: 11.5 kg;
S All Terrain wheels: 11.9 kg

The third part of the purchase, the car seat as a third part?

Cybex Priam is recommended as a 3u1 system with a combination of Cybex Cloud Q and Aton Q car seats. Car seat adapters come with the stroller so they do not have to be bought seperetly. Both car seats are one of the best in the market. Cloud q reached ADAC 1.9, while Aton Q was rated 1.6.

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