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The Forum was born in the desire to share my knowledge with others. So I hope so you will also share yours with me. In the sea of ​​perfect facebook mums I wanted to gather a bit different crowd. Everyone is welcome, especially those who can write something concrete, whether on car seats, strollers, baby equipment, accessories, upbringing etc. Those who need help ... or those who would be just socializing.

And about the texts... What you read on the Internet is read on the net. It is not the holy Bible. In addition to the reviews of the baby equipment where I will try to be as objective as possible, I will put texts such as The safest seat for a car seat, which reflect more my personal opinion and experience, as a mum, as someone who has had a great deal of insight in bab equipment and liked his job enough to upgrade his knowledge and to enjoy researching. But that's just my opinion.

All the texts will be done in both English and Croatian. As soon as I do a rewiev in Croatian I will try to post it in English too. The first one is Cybex Priam review.

Feel free to introduce yourself.

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