The safest seat for a car seat?

You bought a car seat but you're not sure what's the safest seat to place it on in your car?

Do not get bogged down by the amount of text and statistics, read it and comment Wink

I did my best to find relevant studies and to write every part of the post understandable for all. Because, I'm sure help is most needed to those who don't know what isofix is and dont want to educate about car seats, but they just need..., khm, well ... help. Everyone else is here to argue with me.  monkey

The safest seat is the rear seat in the middle.

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Even birds know it by now. When I see a bunch of worried mums on Facebook racing each other to be the first to answer: "middle!!!"... I wonder my God, when did that revelation hit them. But regardless, let's quickly go thruogh facts. The study published on PubMed , was made from December 1998 to December 2006 by telephone surveys and insurance claim data. It included children from 0 to 3 years old straped in car seats at the rear seats of cars, in car models younger than 1990s, in accidents in 16 countries.

She proved that the children who were sitting in the middle had a risk of injury of 43% less than children who were sitting on any of the rear exterior positions.

In 2006, researchers at the University of Buffalo studied all car crashes in the United States in the period 2000-2003 where someone was sitting in the rear center seat and found that passengers 59% to 86% safer than the front passenger seat and that in the back seat the person in the middle is 25% safer than those sitting next to them. Deitrich Jehle , associate professor of emergency medicine and lead author of the study, explained that the reason the middle seat is so much safer is that people in this position have more elbow room in case of impact to either side of the car. “In addition, in rollover crashes there is potentially less rotational force exerted on the middle seat passenger than on those in the window seats,” he said.

Why is that seat the least used than even if we do drive only one child in the car? For those who shout as the answer to the question about the most secure seat "CENTER, MIDDLE, CENTER", reallity check please. Croatian reallity ..

Vehicles in Croatia, in most cases, have 2 isofix mountings. One behind the driver, one behind the passenger. Increasing popularity and availability of the Isofix seat, better information of the parents (believe it or not, still 50% of people have never heard of ISOfix) and the overall better sale of the Isofix car seats compared to belted seats plus the week market of cars with 3 isofix braces led to most children ending up on the rear passenger or driver's seat. Because there's no point in you answer questions about what is the safest seat in the car and scream middle if Mrs. is purchasing Sirona S! She wont surely fit it in the rear center seat.

What would be the next safest seat? ... The seat behind the driver.

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Based on deaths, front collisions can be considered the most dangerous. Based on the injuries, however, the most dangerous may be considered to be roll overs. Accident is considered a roll over if the car at any time during the accident is dropped to its side or to the roof. According to the IIHS, roll overs occur in only 2% of all accidents based on data collected from the institute, but account for one-third of the deaths.

Now... let's write it a bit simplier!

Shortly ... You do not have an isofix in the back seat in the middle, right?... For those who are still blabing on the safest back middle seat ... And you bought Sirona S ... Maybe not you, but 90% of those who will read this article have, if not Sirona , then XY other car seats that only hook on the isofix. We will focus on them now.

The first reason for why I consider putting a child behind a driver is the safest decision is that whenever in a dangerous situation a person reactions are based instinct. And you instinctly ofcourse want to protect yourself and hit with the part of the car as far away as the driver. It is theoretically impossible to protect sides. Mums instinct reaction of protecting herself and hiting with the oposite side of the car does not mean that she is an egocentric who doesn't love her child. No way. If the child was seated behind the driver and mum instinctively during an accident tries to "shield hersef" she would be at the same momment protecting her child. But..., although a scenario can happen of someone hitting you from behind, and there is always someone who can "sideways" run in you (in that situation you can not help even if you have chosen either the left or right seat. ) a smart man above mentioned that frontal collisions amounted to 54% of deaths ... Why should I point it out? For all those who are thinking about possible situations that can contradict my theory. Because you are, well ... bored.

In short, they are the most dangerous regarding the outcome! How would you react seeing someone moving frontally toward you and that there will be in a collision? I would turn to the left. Million percent. If the child is behind me. And now imagine the scenario, you have 2 seconds to react before the frontal collision, you are on one and the child on the other side .... Brrrrr .... Where?

How would you react to the loss of control over the vehicle and moving towards the wall? Logically, you would instinctively turn the car to the oposite side.

In short, in any other possible variations it doesn't matter wherever you place your seat. However, that straw that cements my decision to put it behind the driver is, besides the instinct reactions, that during the upcoming face to face collision, it would matter. Not much, but in such "pu pu pu" situations a little is a lot. Just to clear it up ... When I say a frontal crash, I do not mean you colliding with a 33 wagons long truck, and than 26 wagons in a mission impossible style roll over in the air and chrash on you. But a more realistic situation at normal speeds. It would have an impact on the outcome of the crash... In situations where you have a second or two to react to turn the wheel, placing the car seat behind the driver would affect the accident's outcome.

This is not published on PubMed. It is not statistically tested either. This is just my view of the situation, my and other bigger car seat manufacturers, * blink *! Of course, you have the right to yours.

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The second reason is even simpler and more logical if you think of it for a second. If you take a look while stoping on the traffic lights in our sun baded city, except picking eyebrows, hair fixing, breaks, phone calls, occasional marital quarrels and similar outbursts, you will often see the mummys siting with a "giraffa-style neck" looking their loved ones so they wouldnt choke on any kind of non-existent toy or stuff we did not, of course, leave behind.

I can already picture myself. Very Happy To be frank, even though child's rearview mirrors are slowly taking the market, when it comes to children, we are all suspicious and we always look over our shoulders and check everything a hundred times. Or, just turn it to him or to smile a little.  God forbid baby hiccups and make that sound like something else (what we usually imagine by ourselves * kes *), unconsciously, even though we have a maxi sized mirror iwe automatically "experience" a flapping neck injury and no matter are we on a highway or any other road we turn, to see, what is happening. Second is enough for a catastrophe.

Placement of a child behind a driver forces you to:

1. To use a mirror with the rearfacing seat (those looking in the opposite direction for our beginners). Despite the fact that a lot of people are buying them lately, most of them nevertheless turn to the child when driving.

2. Stopping in car seats watching in the direction of driving on the first stopping point in any suspicious situation.

Most importantly, it does not allow you to turn away from the road because the child no matter how long your neck is, you will not be able to see it until you stop. And the second when he calles you and you look instinctively with the smile is enough for the tragedy.

When your baby is placed behind you that second doesn't exsist. Because you can not turn or look. Only in the rearview mirror. Wink

I could find only one "negative side" of placing the car seat behind the driver. When parked near a wall or a fence, or some similarly limited location in case the car seat is placed behind the driver's seat, the child is "taken out of the car directly on the road". To be frank, that would be a pure matter of choice. Take a minute or two and look for a better parking place Smile Safety comes first. Choosing a parking lot is a choice, accidents are something that happen despite how much they want and try to avoid them. By choosing the safest seat in the car, you can only contribute a bit to a positive outcome in those situations where you have seconds or two to react. Advantage is an advantage. Do you agree?

And yes...

For your car, your seat, your child ... choose your safest place. That is, of course, your choice. :*

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